These images are from a shoot I did with my good Friend Robert Weir. He is the person responsible for my love of session styling. He gave me my first opportunity to style hair on the set of a photoshoot.  That was almost 8 years ago now. At the time I thought he was crazy to ask me. I had zero experience, and with that came, zero confidence. Even though I was terrified, I knew better than to turn down an opportunity. After, all what’s the worst that could happen? Little did I know, the model’s hair would be nothing like it looked like on her comp card. Her hair had been severely damaged during a chemical service.  To make matters worse, she showed up with filthy hair. All of the odds were stacked against me and I’d have to scrap every plan I had walked into that shoot with because her hair couldn’t do what I had initially planned. Eight year’s ago me, was freaking the fuck out, but only on the inside. I survived that shoot, through problem-solving, with the help of my very supportive friend Robert….

Fast forward eight years and what we have is a beautiful friendship, too many photoshoots to count, art films and what seems like a lifetime of fun memories. Hell, we have even, shot a music video on top of a Mountain, in British Columbia , in which we were without light or proper footwear. The list can go on and on… I guess my point is, and I tend to say this a lot, an opportunity is a gift. I truly believe, that everyone just needs one person to believe in them. To give them an opportunity to show what they are capable of. Robert gave me my first opportunity. That photoshoot, felt like a trainwreck every step of the way, but it went on to be published. Seeing my work published in a real-life magazine, for the first time will forever be one of my most proud moments.

Success happens, when people come together and support each other.  I am lucky to have people who believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. I make a conscious effort to pay it forward.

This photoshoot featured here is a creative we worked on in July. Robert invited me to take part in the shoot. It was my first time working with photographer Denver Rodrigues and model Alexa Jones, from Elmer Olsen Models. It was such a lovely vibe on set that day, we had so much fun, and I’m very proud of the work we produced.

Thank you Robert for never letting me forget that what we do is art!


Photography: Denver Rodrigues

MU: Robert Weir 

Hair: Kelly Araujo

Model: Alexa Jones for Elmer Olsen Models