Endless Summer

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no season quite like summer. Its the season of endless possibilities. The sunshine has the power to transform any day, and let’s be real, we have a very long winter in this country. So, we will soak in all the sunshine we can get!

Personally for me, this summer has been challenging. Downright tumultuous, if I’m being totally honest. Personally and professionally. I’ve had to dig really deep on most days to get my shit together enough to keep on going. Maybe one day I’ll tell my story, but for now, I am just grateful for everyday that I have friends/family on this earth, that will see me through the darkest of days. Not only that, but clients, who’s kindness and generosity never cease to amaze me. You guys mean the world to me. A million thank you’s would never suffice.

One of the things I do when I’m going through a hard time, is drown myself in work. I like to keep myself busy on a good day, so on a bad day you can imagine…. But this time around it was different. I decided I needed to do the exact opposite. I cut down my hours at work, took time off, and went through my calendar and cancelled a bunch of things I had previously committed to. I even stopped responding to texts and emails. (Apologies to everyone that had to put up with me during this period in my life.) It was important for me to spend time with myself again. Doing things for myself, instead for everyone else. It felt so good to say no to everything.  But what I craved more than anything in this world , was to create again. On an unencumbered level. So I reached out to as many creatives as I could and booked as many creative photo shoots I could in a short period of time and we created content for our souls. Creativity needs to be nurtured. I really missed, nurturing mine.

That being said, these photos are the product of a Saturday afternoon driving around with my friends Shingie and Ashley, with no plan.  We kept it simple. All we had was a camera and a desire to make some magic while capturing the essence of summer.  Shingie & Ashley Thank you for being a part of my healing process. I love you.




Photography: Shingirai Mazengwe

Model: Ashley Flores

Hair: Kelly Araujo (Me)





Thanks for reading this long emotional post!