Hair Chalking with Color Pop by Dippity- Do

I recently had the opportunity to test out Dippity-do ‘s new line of temporary colour hair chalks! This project was super fun because I love when doing hair feels like arts and crafts!! My friend and colleague Liz Foster agreed to let me style her hair which was amazing because I absolutely adore her and she has the perfect hair for this kind of styling. Thanks Lizzy!! Keep reading to learn 10 incredibly interesting things about Liz!

The chalks were really easy to use and were more pigmented than I thought they would be, which was a pleasant surprise. I decided I wanted to create a few different looks, because I really loved the texture the chalk gave the hair.  As I worked the hair into different looks the color became more muted which I really liked.

We decided on coral and lilac because they aren’t traditionally seen together and because on Liz’s naturally blonde hair we knew the colours would really pop. In the spirit of having fun, we decided not to be subtle and I’m glad we didn’t. Products like this are fun because, they allow those of us that aren’t risk takers to have the fun without the risk. This product completely washed out without any effort. But before that happened, Liz actually slept in the hair chalk that night and rocked her coral and lilac hair to yoga the next morning!

Summer is around the corner and I think these Dippity-Do hair chalks could be just the thing to add a little extra pizazz to your style. Festival season hair fun? I think YES!!

Look 1: Loose and Tousled




Look 2: Effortless Low Ponytail





Look 3 : Intricately knotted Updo



Look 4: Messy Topknot with Bow Accesorry




10 Things that Make Liz Foster Incredibly Interesting

  1. She loves Pizza and Cheeseburgers
  2. She’s a great singer! (The Janis Joplin of our time )
  3. At the age of 12 she was determined to win a poetry contest. She entered loads of them until she reached her goal!
  4. She played competitive hockey for 10 years.
  5. Prefers to wear men’s clothes for their functionality and style.
  6. Before becoming a hair colourist, she contemplated becoming a microbiologist or ballerina.
  7. Wakes up to Van Morrison tunes every morning.
  8. Startles easily.
  9. Has admitted to loving eavesdropping.
  10. Refuses to settle for anything in life.