Halcyonic, was the the only word that came to mind, when photographer Ariana Mount first sent me these photos. When I look at these photos I see the most perfect personification of summer.  Female, warm, and carefree. Unhinged.

This body of work is brought to you by an all female team. Nothing makes me happier than working with, supporting, and empowering women. I don’t believe in waiting for opportunity. I believe in creating opportunity. There is no one I would rather do that with than with a badass group of women.  The women behind this work are tremendously gifted, and exceptional human beings.  So happy to be able to add Ariana Mount, Maira Candela, and Sabrina Iacono, to the list of inspiring women I am grateful to know.

We live in a world where its easier to post an image on Instagram than it is to speak to a human being in real time. There is something very scary about that to me. So, I challenge you, talk to a stranger today. Say something nice, to a co-worker. Make someone’s day! Its really not as hard as you think. What we all need more of is Kindness. Also, if you are a female in a position to help another female up the ranks in your industry, do it. Be a mentor. Be an agent of change.


Photography: Ariana Mount

Makeup: Maira Candela

Hair: Kelly Araujo

Model: Sabrina Iacono