Summer in Montreal : Where We Ate

Summer is for laughing and spending time with the people you love. In recent years, my summer’s have consisted of a lot of work and not a lot of down time. Last year I had committed myself to so many weddings that I wasn’t actually able to go anywhere or do anything outside of the city. So this year, I made a decision to scale back my summer workload and set aside some dedicated time for having FUN!! Moving away from my workaholic tendencies wasn’t easy. I love what I do so it’s hard for me to not do it, but also, I couldn’t help but feel a little lazy and unproductive. Once I got past those useless emotions, I was able to actually chill out and have a good time.

As a result I found myself in a variety of different places this summer. I made it to Montreal, Boston, and New York and I loved every single moment. This blog is dedicated to the Montreal food scene because, I hadn’t been to Montreal in almost 10 years! I was massively impressed with the city, it’s people and all the amazing food!!

I traveled to Montreal with a group of girlfriends, with only one goal in mind: to have the very best time. And that we did! We ate, we laughed, we chatted, all weekend long. But mostly we ate. SOOO MUCH. No shortage of delicious food here. So much so that I felt the need to share these places with you here. So, if you find yourself in Montreal for the weekend and you want to have some of the best food you’ve ever eaten, be sure to visit the below mentioned places.  You will not be disappointed!

Bare in mind, although we visited these restaurants in the summer, ALL of them have very cozy and ambient qualities that will be very nice in the colder months as well.

In the meantime, I’ll be holding on to the last few weeks of summer with a fervent desire to do it all over again!!


Marche de La Villette – 341 Rue St Paul

Cute lunch spot that serves up authentic French food. Friendly staff and great ambience are the icing on the cake!! Great quiche and escargots!


L’Auberge Saint Gabriel – 426 Rue Saint Gabriel

Great dinner spot that’s a little bit on the fancier side of things. This is where we had dinner on our first night.  Put a cute dress on and a pair of heels and enjoy the dark and moody atmosphere of this beautiful place. Be prepared to spend some money but the food is well worth it! Order their charcuterie board for the table because it was divine. They also make great drinks.


Geppetto – 2504 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

We came here after spending the evening at friends place. It had been pouring rain so we opted to get cozy, watch some Olympic events and sip  on some homemade cocktails. After a while we decided we should brave the rain and we headed to Geppetto. It’s a casual Dinner spot near Atwater Market. Here we had the most amazing pizza, and Burrata and more cocktails! The staff here were wonderful. So wonderful in fact that we ended the night by having an impromptu dance off with the servers to Drake and Rhianna’s, “Too Good.” We left with our bellies and our hearts full.


Communion135 Rue de la Commune Ouest

Unfortunately, Ive just learned that this restaurant has permanently closed. This makes me sad because we had such a good time here. We came for brunch and sat on their gigantic patio and enjoyed their all you can drink Mimosa’s and a delicious brunch.


Grinder – 1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Super cool spot serving up raw and cooked meats as well as seafood and a large selection of wines. The space is interesting because they have an indoor/outdoor vibe courtesy of their large canopied patio. We sat at a corner table on the patio and laughed until our faces hurt. The service was stellar and the food impossibly delicious. I had the quail and their signature mashed potatoes. To. Die. For.


Foiegwa  –3001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

This is an old school diner styled restaurant. We didn’t get to eat here but it will be the first place I go on my next visit! We discovered this place  because its attached to the The Atwater Cocktail club. So it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to plan your dinner at Foiegwa and then head on into the ACC for a drink and great ambience.


Atwater Cocktail Club – 512 Avenue Atwater

We came here for drinks and we had so much fun!!!! It’s a speak-easy style venue where the music is great and the service top notch. We came on a Sunday night so it wasn’t that busy, which I actually prefer. We sipped on cocktails, made new friends and bopped our heads to our favorite songs in this perfectly dark and moody environment. There may have been some bottle popping. This was one for the memory books.


Olive + Gourmando – 351 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

Cute lunch spot serving up great sandwiches and salads. Its very busy but the staff are super friendly and will take great care of you. I had the Cubano Sandwich. It was delish!


Borrocco – 312 Rue St Paul Ouest

We popped in a little too late to have dinner, but the sommelier invited us in for a drink even though they were already wrapping up for the night. The drinks were amazing! We chose from a selection of very complex and intricate drinks that were delicious! The ambience in here is insanely cool! The decor is a mix of old world meets new world.  I am looking forward to coming back here for dinner, because if their drinks are any indication, I’m sure the food will be killer. (In the best possible way.) The service here was perfect.


Venice – 440 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Delicious and healthy food in a non- pretentious environment. If you’re into Poke this place is a must visit! The food is super fresh and the vibe is super chill!!


Special Thanks to Karl, who helped us every step of the way on this one. Thanks for showing us Montreal by way of delicious food! Our trip would have never been the same without you!

Merci beaucoup! XOXO